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Any time we get too caught up in how retarded today’s kids are, it’s only fair that we also look at the idiotic youngsters of yesteryear. And there’s no better proof of how stupid young people in the early ’90s were than “Saved by the Bell.” The unfunny laugh track- and cliché-driven time capsule of terrible fashion and bad hair decisions has maintained cultural relevance only because an entire generation of young morons watched it — myself included. I deserve my own derision, and more.

All of this is a way of introducing the above video, a compilation of Dennis Haskins’s Principal Belding saying “What’s going on in here?” Now, plenty of shows are hacky enough to have a character who has a catchphrase, but only “Saved by the Bell” was crappy enough to have a character with a catchphrase that isn’t even memorable. Like, this is the first time I ever realized he always said that. But then again, I was dumb enough to be watching the show in the first place.

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