Hey Mikey, The Woman Who Put Pop Rocks In Her Vagina Doesn’t Like It

One of my favorite urban legends ever involves Mikey, the adorable moppet who hates life, but loves Life cereal. You’ve probably seen the commercial, either because you were alive in the 1970s or you spent way too much time watching I Love the ’70s specials on VH1 in the 2000s. (What DOES Hal Sparks think about cereal?) Anyway, there’s a rumor that Little Mikey died after mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, not to be confused with the Green Day song, “Poprocks and Coke.” Unfortunately (?), it’s not true:

Contrary to the rumor, John Gilchrist, the lad who played Mikey, not only survived his childhood unexploded, but is now an advertising-account manager for a New York radio station. (Via)

So Pop Rocks didn’t kill Mikey, but I assume the woman who got some in her vagina, as soft-focus dramatized on TLC’S Sex Sent Me to the E.R., is no longer with us. RIPop.