Hey White People, ‘SNL’ Knows Your Time On Top Is Almost Through

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“Whites” is about as edgy as SNL gets these days, and I liked it, if only for comments like:

I love how the “Whites” sketch had Sarah Silverman…Jews are not White. What you saw there is the mainstream program to dispossess Whites of the countries they created. For any White person watching that, it should be a wake up call. They even used the projected 2050 date of Whites not being in power anymore…only what they really mean is not existing anymore. The Jewish pied pipers are leading us down this path, and our gullible altruism is not helping us. At least they were honest when they mentioned, “all we’ve accomplished,” and show the man on the moon…they also could have shown nearly every invention in modern society, from the television that trash was broadcast on, to the computer which you’re reading this on.

The more intense this hatred of Whites becomes, the more people you’re going to wake up. (Via)

We deserve to be knocked down a few pegs for making Train a thing.