Hey, You Know That One Catchy Song You Like? That’s Walt From ‘Lost’ Singing It.

Heeeeeeeeeey you know that song “Classic”? The one with the “I wanna thrill you like Michael / I wanna kiss you like Prince / Let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye” lyrics? You know, the catchy one? Couple things:

  • It actually came out over a full year ago.
  • That’s Walt from Lost.

Actually, it’s one-half Walt from Lost. Turns out the MK in MKTO, the group that performs the song, is Malcolm David Kelly, Walt from Lost himself. Vulture tracked him down for an interview, in which he elaborated a bit on his musical career.

I know “Classic” actually came out last summer, and you guys have been touring with it for a while. Does it feel like it’s gotten too old to perform? Are you over it yet?

No, you never really get that feeling. Sometimes it feels like we’re performing it a lot, but it’s actually a good time. Every time we perform it and everybody is singing along, that thought of, Oh, man, we gotta do this song again just goes out the window. Being an artist, that’s one of the big things you want — having everyone sing along to your song. That’s also a good sign, but it’s a good thing if your music is timeless. It’s good that it’s been hanging around this long. It can hang around for a little longer.

“Hang on, buttface,” you might be thinking right now. “This song came out in 2013 and I’ve known it was Walt from Lost on there for months now. It’s old news. WHAT KIND OF JOURNALISM IS THIS?” Yeah, maybe you have a point. But, on the other hand, maybe it’s news to someone and you can go suck on a rock. Either or.