How Do ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ And ‘Better Call Saul’ Stack Up In The Cable Ratings Race?

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06.13.17 2 Comments

It never occurred to me that Better Call Saul could end after this season (in fact, after next week’s season finale) until Alan Sepinwall raised that possibility with the showrunner Peter Gould last week. Though it seems like a formality, the show has not yet been officially renewed. While Gould noted that Sony and AMC have been good to him, he also cautioned that we “should always be worried in television.”

But should we really be that worried about the fate of Better Call Saul? There are other factors to consider, of course, but the most important one is ratings, in that regard, Better Call Saul is a safe bet. Among scripted cable fare in May, Saul held the highest ratings after seven days of DVR viewership. The Live +7 ratings for the most recent episode available was 4.2 million viewers, although it only clocked in 1.6 million overnight viewers. That, however, is increasingly par for the course, especially among cable dramas, many of which have seen their ratings numbers triple after seven days of DVR viewership (The Americans also consistently quadruples its rating in Live+7 ratings). The 4.2 million viewers, by the way, is more than Breaking Bad ever received until the final eight episodes of the series.

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