Hilary Duff Might Be Using Her Tinder Dates To Shop Around A Reality Show

When it came out earlier this week that Hilary Duff’s Tinder profile was, in fact, legitimate, it seemed kind of odd that she revealed during a few radio interviews some candid information regarding the dates she was going on.

Well, the skeptics that didn’t believe the profile was real in the first place can have back some validation because, if what TMZ suggests is true, the whole thing might all be publicity for a dating-themed reality show that Duff is shopping.

Hilary recently copped to right swiping a bunch of guys on Tinder — 9 at last count — and even went on a first date this week with one of them. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … cameras were rolling during the date at a bowling alley.

We’re told Hilary plans to shoot more footage as she dives into the dating world … and hopes to use it to develop a reality show — that would focus on her life as a new divorcée.

Just your daily reminder that everything is fake, and nothing you read or hear is true. Let’s be real, though, like Hilary Duff would date your broke ass out of the charity of her heart.