Hillary Clinton Only Needed One Word To Describe Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression

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Former Mango enabler Saturday Night Live scored blockbuster ratings over the weekend courtesy of a season premiere that included (among other things) the debut of Alec Baldwin’s merciless Donald Trump impression. The portrayal of Trump as an ego-driven grotesque isn’t designed to be loved by The Donald, but what did Hillary Clinton think of Baldwin’s take on America’s orangest political contender.

Hillary Clinton was all smiles and laughter when Extra (yes, the Mario Lopez one) asked if she’d seen SNL‘s spoof of the debate.

“I saw it on delay, but I did see it,.” Clinton told the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine. “I’ll tell you when Kate McKinnon came out with the walker, I thought I was going to fall off my chair. She makes me laugh anyway, she is so funny just naturally. Oh, my gosh, she was amazing. I wish I could do the jumps, the splits, the somersault.”

Of course, Clinton has been parodied on the show for decades, so it must be intriguing for the Democratic presidential candidate to see how different actresses approach her “character.” (It’s a phenomenon she’s been able to experience in person.) As for the Baldwinization of Trump?

“Perfect. I can’t wait to see what else they’re going to do. His look, his scowling, his staring down then muttering his response, he was perfect,” shared Clinton. “I don’t know who is going to show up at the next debate Sunday night.”

So if you see Baby Boss ask a question during weekend’s debate in St. Louis, please take it as a sign that Saturday Night Live are shepherding this election.

(Via Extra)

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