Seth Meyers Gives Hillary Clinton Fans A Safe Place Now That She’s Clinched The Nomination

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Now that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has garnered enough delegates to secure the party ticket, longtime fans of the former First Lady and U.S. Secretary of State are coming out of hiding. Besides, with President Barack Obama’s official endorsement and some fantastic play on social media against Republican rival Donald Trump, you’d think anyone who secretly sported #ImWithHer paraphernalia would be ready to come out of the political closet, right? Guys?

Not so fast, because with Trump’s ongoing assault against practically everything that doesn’t jive with his brand and sarcastic Bernie Sanders supporters, Clinton fans probably aren’t quite ready to step out into the sunlight. Hence why Late Night host Seth Meyers offered them an outlet with a fake political ad on Thursday’s episode.

“There’s something about me that I haven’t really been sharing with anyone,” says the first speaker, a distraught-looking woman who confesses everything while piano music plays in the background. “I’ve lived in silence, terrified of what people would say to me if they knew.”

Knew what, that you get work starring in fake commercials for Late Night? Listen to sad piano soundtracks in your spare time? Prefer Stephen Colbert?

“But then I saw the news this morning,” a second woman adds. “Now I live in an America where it’s safe to come out as a Hillary Clinton supporter.”

What follows is a round of confessionals from supposed Clinton fans who are no longer afraid of Trump and Sanders supporters. So much so that, despite the threat of getting his car keyed, one proudly admits to putting a campaign sticker on it. “My car still got keyed, but I think that’s because I drive like a dick.”

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