Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ To Finish The Punchlines Of Some Harsh Jokes


For most, the current year is full of dismay. The news is consistently dark and full of terrors as we grind our teeth with ever every opening of our news apps, and it seems like politics have never been so prevalent in our lives, for better or worse. But despite pushback from polo-wearing tiki-torch wielders (and Rick and Morty fans), progress continues to be made, and most importantly, diverse voices are being heard. Especially in comedy.

There was a time when comedy was almost exclusively written and performed by white males who would make racist/sexist comments in the form of what they perceived to be jokes, but thankfully, this is changing. Now we have comedy writers of all ethnicities and of the fairer sex out there making the harsh observations that we grimace when we hear, but mostly because of the subject matter, not who’s telling the joke.

And while political satire is pretty much fair game, we’ve spent the better part of two years hearing the same Hillary Clinton jokes over and over again. That’s why, on the one-year anniversary of her winning the popular vote but losing the presidential race, it’s a perfect time to hear her spout some punchlines on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

(Via Late Night)