Hillary Clinton Did A Donald Trump Impression, Got Grilled On Gay Marriage On ‘SNL’

Miley Cyrus was the host of last night’s SNL season premiere, but she was overshadowed by an even bigger name. That would be Hillary Clinton, who, surprisingly, didn’t appear in the cold open (I guess that Trump thing was SO funny that it had to lead off the night?). Nope, SNL waited until the fifth sketch to bring out Hillary, who played sympathetic ear Val the Bartender.

Speaking of people coming out (sorry): one of the episode’s biggest laughs came when Kate McKinnon, as Clinton, said, “Eh, could’ve been sooner,” in regards to how long it took the presidential candidate to support marriage equality. Donald Trump also came up, as did the Keystone pipeline, and soon after, Hillary introduced Miley as the musical guest. Miley later returned the favor by thanking “Hillary Clinton and, of course, my dead petz.”

Politics are weird.

That’s the most convincing pro-Hillary argument I’ve seen yet.