Hillary Clinton Made A Surprise Guest Appearance On The ‘Murphy Brown’ Premiere

09.28.18 9 months ago 9 Comments


Hillary Clinton has kept a low profile since the Electoral College decided she lost the 2016 presidential election, but she’s made sure her every public appearance since has counted. Her latest cameo? Swinging by as the secret guest star of the Murphy Brown reboot.

The former Secretary of State appeared only briefly in Thursday night’s episode, in which she applied to be the latest assistant to Candice Bergen’s flustered-yet-steely investigative news journalist and anchor. It was a gently self-mocking cameo, what with the ex-First Lady rocking her trademark red pantsuit and a flipping couldn’t-resist quip about having “some experience with emails.” Hey, someone who can take a joke!

Here’s a bit of the appearance, which surprised even critics, as Clinton’s appearance was even left off their screeners.

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