Hispanics Be Beefin’

Here’s something I didn’t know: Erik Estrada and George Lopez have a long-standing feud that apparently stems from Lopez making fun of Estrada in his stand-up act. His awful, awful stand-up act. And now Estrada, who will soon be a contestant on Univision’s awesomely titled “¡Mira Quien Baila!” (Spanish-language “Dancing with the Stars”), has opened up about the cancellation of “Lopez Tonight.”

“His show was supposed to be cancelled after the first season, but Conan [O’Brien] wanted to keep it on,” Estrada said of TBS’s decision to give Lopez Tonight the ax. Estrada said there’s a reason Lopez Tonight was cancelled—karma. “There’s a lot of things people don’t know about this guy,” he said of Lopez. “For me to talk about this guy—I’m wasting my time. The law of God—the law of Karma, is on him right now. He is doomed.” []

Oh man, a Puerto Rican versus a Mexican. I plugged this information into my Racist Stereotype Jokebot 2000, and it overheated and caught fire. If only Erik Estrada had been nearby, he could have put it out with one of the eight Puerto Rican flags displayed on his car.