To No One’s Surprise, Hispanics Feel ‘Deeply Negative’ About Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is doing great in this presidential election, polling way ahead of the Republican pack and only six points behind Hillary Clinton. So it’s good to know that there’s someone who can’t stand him, namely Latino voters, who everyone is falling all over themselves in trying to get on their team.

Gallup polled Hispanic voters, and in the results, released on Monday, the poll shows that this group views Donald Trump in a “deeply negative” way: “Gallup did not measure Hispanics’ views of Trump prior to his presidential announcement, and thus can’t quantify how much the candidate’s initial remarks about immigrants and immigration have hurt him with U.S. Hispanics. However, since July, his image among Hispanics has remained highly negative, averaging -51 in July and -50 so far in August.”

In contrast, Jeb Bush, who recently made disparaging “anchor baby” comments, and then clarified that he meant Asian immigrants, has increased his favorability ratings among Hispanics, with 41 percent of those polled viewing him favorably versus 21 percent in July.

So why do Latinos hate Donald Trump? Could it be his comments that Mexican immigrants bring infectious disease to the United States? Or that they’re all rapists? Let’s hope that Hispanics turn out in next year’s election, because they may be our best hope.