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Last night, Slash performed on “The Tonight Show” while wearing an “I’m with Coco” pin. So I went over to Hulu to look for the video, where I discovered OH MY GOD FORTY-FIVE EPISODES OF VOLTRON! And that, my friends, is way more interesting than another post where I reference all those orphanages that Jay Leno burned down (still: those poor, poor children).

Now, I understand that most people reading this probably weren’t in the six- to nine-year-old age range when “Voltron” aired, meaning you weren’t in the sweet spot for absolutely NEEDING “Voltron” toys, but let’s put it this way: it was giant metal space cats that combined to make one giant-er robot. And that robot had a sword. Needless to say, “Voltron” was a key component of my childhood. And yeah, maybe the first two years of college, too.

Trivia question! Who freed the slaves?

Abraham Lincoln, right? WRONG. Voltron:

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