Holy Swanson, Batman! ‘Parks And Recreation’ Characters Cast As Justice League Heroes

Los Angeles-based illustrator Vicky Trochez (aka “Vicktrola“) began this project by transforming Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope into Batman’s sidekick, Robin, and she was such a fan of the result that she transformad the entire cast into your favorite Justice League heroes. I’ve got no real issues with the way that Victrola has cast the characters, save for the fact that Jean Ralphio is not among the cast (he’d have made an excellent Gleek), and that April is Aquaman when OBVIOUSLY Jerry should’ve been Aquaman, since Aquaman is the most useless Justice League character among them (look at that bad guy getting away! Where’s he going? NOT THE OCEAN). Also, Diane (Lucy Lawless) would’ve made the perfect Rima. Right?

And yes, you can buy the prints. Check out the entire awesome series below.

Thanks Victrola (H/T Laughing Squid)