Holy Terror Louis Litt Drops A Mic On The Fourth Midseason Finale Of ‘Suits’

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08.21.14 7 Comments

I’m not sure when a season of Suits begins and ends anymore, but I do know there is a summer and winter finale, and last night’s summer finale did not disappoint. I thought the first half of this summer season was something of a letdown, and part of that, I think, was that it didn’t focus enough on Louis Litt. Harvey and Mike have nice bro-chemistry, Jessica is a wonderfully evil yet sympathetic force, and Rachel is lovely to look at. But I think we all know that Louis and Donna are the real reasons we watch Suits, and without them, Suits doesn’t get past its second season.

The last few episodes have fallen squarely on Louis’ shoulders, as he was backed into a corner and forced to choose between the two things he treasures the most: The letter of the law, and the respect and admiration of Harvey. In a deal that — let’s face it, didn’t make a lot of sense because Suits doesn’t traffic in the reality of law or business or finance, the show just shuffles papers — Louis chose Harvey over the law, which set in motion a chain of back-and-forth events that had everyone on this show selling one another out, backstabbing each other, and then rescuing each other.

That’s what Suits does. An episode does not go by without someone getting played, and it’s usually one of the members of Pearson Specter (or former members, in the case of Mike earlier this season) facing off against another member of the firm in a dick-swinging contest, and it’s usually Jessica who has the biggest balls.

And that’s what I love about this show.

But last night, after three or four episodes of watching Louis Litt sink lower and lower, get fired, lose the love of his life for a second time, and suffer the indignity of losing to Harvey Spector once again (even after Harvey and Mike threw him a bone earlier in the episode), Louis Litt figured out the truth about Mike Ross, about how he never attended Harvard.

Louis Litt became the caged rat of Suits, backed into a corner with nothing to lose, and he bit Jessica and Pearson Specter clean on the ass. Did Louis return to his loyalty to the law and turn in Mike in? No. Louis already crossed the line when he helped to launder money three episodes ago. Louis is all about Louis now.

“Pearson. Specter. Litt.”

Louis Litt just dropped a mic on the fourth mid-season finale. Light ’em up, bitches.

Now, let’s see Litt take what else belongs to him, take Suits to its logical conclusion: He’ll ravish Donna and the two of them will take down the Harvey and Jessica, take the Iron Throne of Pearson Specter and make Mike Ross their whipping boy.

And as we know from season two, Evil Litt is the best Litt. Let’s hope there’s much more of it come the winter season.

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