'Home Alone' Is 'Die Hard' For Kids, As Explained By This Handy Graphic

One of the more underrated aspects of the holidays is people having added time to sit around and think deeply and abstractly about important things, namely Christmas movies that inhabit the pop culture zeitgeist.

While we’ve been busy digging up facts you didn’t know about films like Die Hard and Home Alone others have been thinking about how they’re pretty much the same movie (except for the latter had to leave the f-bombs on the cutting room floor). One Redditor in particular put together this pretty compelling graphic argument.

This really does a number to my “best Christmas movie” argument. And yes, Cracked did cover this phenomenon a while back but lacked the compelling graphic argument for those of us with low attention spans. And yes, “descent” is spelled wrong. But still not bad internet fun on December 23rd.

“Source: r/Funny