‘Home Improvement’ Reunion: Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 30

09.08.11 7 years ago 24 Comments

September 8th marks the birthday of several unexciting people of middling importance: musicians Pink and Aimee Mann, more talented musician Neko Case, aging cheesecake Brooke Burke, your favorite TV blogger, and perhaps least important of all, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Thomas, the former child star and Tiger Beat cover model, turns 30 today, and these recent photos from “Home Improvement’s” 20-year reunion show why he never made the jump to adult star: he never made the jump to adult height. But at least he looks better than the dude who played the youngest kid. Total child molester look to him.

(The guy who played Brad looks like a bearded Drew Magary, btw.)

[via D Listed]

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