‘Homeland’ Is Downgrading Everyone’s Favorite Daughter And Might Have Spoiled The Season Finale

We won’t be seeing much of the Brody family next season on Homeland. Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor will not be returning as regulars to the series according to a report from Michael Ausiello at TV Line.

The move hardly comes as a surprise, as Baccarin’s Jessica and Saylor’s Dana appeared less frequently as Season 3 went on and Brody’s shattered home life became less of a focus. (The former’s real-life pregnancy also likely contributed to Jessica’s disappearance during the second half of the season.)

According to sources, the door is open for both actresses to return on a guest-star basis, the same way ex-full-timer Diego Klattenhoff (Mike) did this season.

So haters can rejoice, Dana Brody won’t be the focus of anymore episodes or crazy plots involving rehab and murderous boyfriends. But what does this mean for the Homeland season finale? Is this a sign that Nicholas Brody won’t make it to season four? Spoiler alert?

I don’t think it is too much of a spoiler, so the warnings are more of a courtesy. Where Brody’s story could go following last week’s episode seems to be limited seeing as his redemption isn’t going to be public knowledge even if he makes it out of Akbari’s office alive. There really is nowhere for him to go and if he survives, his life as an asset would be ruined as well following his publicity tour in Tehran.

But nothing is set in stone and death is not a certainty. What is certain is that we won’t be seeing too much of Dana Brody: Janitor next season and that’s probably for the best.


The season finale has already leaked, much like the season premiere. So click the link if you really, really liked being spoiled.

(Lead image via Showtime/We Heart It)