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The 18th season of MTV’s “The Real World” was filmed in Denver.  Inspired by that decision, four partners decided to create the “Homeless Real World,” which was supposed to run on the Web’s Mania TV (since gone out of business) but was deemed too edgy.  Now the producers are looking for a home on TV.  Get it?  “Looking for a home”?  Whatever, I don’t need you anyway.

“It has the potential to be one of the most outrageous reality shows ever,” says [executive producer Del] Bigtree, who previously spent a day pretending to be homeless in Las Vegas for an episode of Dr. Phil, where he’s currently on staff. The experience taught him the extent to which homeless people are invisible to the rest of the population. “It was like, ‘I’m not even alive in your world.’”

When he started working on Homeless Real World, Bigtree didn’t set out “to do a show that says ‘Save the homeless,’” he says. “But you realize that there is real humanity here. This is probably one of the most profound experiences of my life.” [B&C]

Listen, I despise and fear and ignore the homeless as much as the next guy, and I won’t discount that this could be a really good reality show.  But I still think this is way better as a conceit for a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.  “Who drank all my Wild Irish Rose?!?!?”

Trailer after the jump has  NSFW language.

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