Jimmy Kimmel Will Make You Jealous By Getting A Private Tour Of Springfield From Homer Simpson Himself

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Can you believe this Sunday’s “Treehouse of Horror” will mark the 600th episode of The Simpsons? Think about how crazy that is. Have you ever done 600 of anything? To commemorate the occasion, Jimmy Kimmel was given the opportunity to fulfill your childhood dreams and personally hang out with Homer Simpson, who invoked him from his television set by kicking it for not being funnier. Or as he put it, “I want to see singing in a car, that’s all anyone wants to see!”

Once he got past the fact that Kimmel was not, in fact, with the IRS or Applebee’s security, Homer gives him a tour of the fabled town of Springfield, starting with the nuclear power plant in the midst of what appeared to be a nuclear meltdown and then on to Moe’s which Kimmel notes is “even more depressing than he imagined.” Then they moved on to Springfield Elementary, where Kimmel got a chance to write on the chalkboard himself.

Finally, back at the Simpson residence, Kimmel brings up some very important questions regarding the youngest member of the family, who seemed to be the only one home aside from Grandpa Simpson because Dan Castellaneta was ostensibly the only member of The Simpsons cast Jimmy Kimmel Live was able to lock down. Before sending him back through the TV, Homer gives Kimmel a fitting send off: “Bye, one of the Jimmys!”

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