Honey Badger: The TV Show?

Remember January of last year, when you watched that video on YouTube about a crazy, “nastyass” honey badger who fought jackals and ate snakes? It was narrated by the effeminate Randall, who swore a lot and got easily distracted by the badger, who didn’t really give a sh*t. It was kind of funny for about five minutes, deserving of at least a brief chuckle, before you moved on to that video of a hippo pooping.

Well, because everyone hates you and this is where we are as a society: Canadian production company Six Eleven Media is developing an animation/live action hybrid TV adaptation based on the meme, called “Honey Badger U.” According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“Six Eleven was developing a university-based animated comedy following a professor who thinks he knows more than he really does, and his students, who know even less. When Randall’s Honey Badger videos took off last year garnering tens of millions of avid followers around the world, it seemed natural to merge the two concepts,” [Six Eleven Media executive Keith] Schenck said in a statement.

Besides the fact that those two things couldn’t have less to do with each another (I imagine idea meetings go like, “Hey,” says Executive #1, “This banana is yellow, as is that school bus. What if we had a BANANA driving a SCHOOL BUS?!1?”), this also proves yet again that executives and producers never learn from their mistakes. Say, how are cultural fad-based shows “Baby Bob,” “Cavemen,” and “$h*! My Dad Says” doing these days?