In Honor Of Carl From ‘The Walking Dead,’ Watch A Man Eat 11 Pounds Of Pudding

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03.06.14 2 Comments

You may recall a few weeks ago, in the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, that CORAL GRIMES — after striking out on his own for an afternoon — stumbled upon a huge container of pudding. Carl Grimes being Carl Grimes, he didn’t bother to share it. He sat up on top of a roof and owned 112 ounces (or 14 cups) of pudding.

That’s a lot of pudding. But such a feat is not unheard of. It does not go against science. It is actually possible to eat that much pudding without puking and/or going into a food coma, as Jamie McDonald in the below video illustrates by eating ELEVEN POUNDS OF PUDDING. Not only that, he does so under three and a half minutes, which is actually pretty disgusting.


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