The Actor Who Plays Hot Pie On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Opened A Bakery Called ‘You Know Nothing John Dough’

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07.29.17 4 Comments

There are times when Game of Thrones is the last thing you want on your mind as you’re scarfing down a bunch of food (howdy premium cable poop montage!), but that’s not always the case. Would you turn down direwolf bread served up by (the actor that plays) Hot Pie on the HBO megahit? Of course not. You’re not a monster or a fool.

That unlikely dining fantasy was transformed into a living, breathing, exchanging money for novelty food reality earlier this month in the U.K. In a savvy bit of promo taking place the same day as the GoT season premiere, actor Ben Hawkley paired with the food delivery service Deliveroo for a pop-up bakery in London to serve Direwolf loaves. No Arya Stark level hardship required. The kicker? The bakery is named “You Know Nothing John Dough.” Well done.

The direwolf bread boasts a combo of wholewheat cornbread and orange zest. Each loaf was sold for £1 which seems pretty reasonable for a fantasy inspired treat. As is the case with these sorts of things, Hawkley’s IRL Hot Pie bakery was only a limited run deal. It’s not ridiculous to suggest that the attention You Know Nothing John Dough has garnered could jostle another GOT bakery sighting loose. Get another one of those up and at ’em before the end of the series and you have a licence to print money.

(Via Digital Spy)

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