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“Hmmm… definitely a little swelling.”

The writers of “House” have very patiently built the sexual tension between Drs. House and Cuddy over a period of years, and in tonight’s episode we finally get the much awaited humpin’. The word from Ausiello, lifted by Fancast:

House and Cuddy get it on after House decides to give up his pills cold turkey in an effort to stop his hallucinations, and well, perhaps one vice is traded for another.

What I like about House and Cuddy’s relationship is that it’s the old-school TV sexual tension.  Somewhere along the way (COUGH the ’90s COUGH), “The X-Files” was passed off as sexual tension, and it was basically two boring people having a mild disagreement over their beliefs.  ZZZZZZ.  Classic TV sexual tension like “Moonlighting” is all about sexually harassing your co-workers.  House has basically been saying variations of “nice tits” for several years, and now he’s gonna get laid.  Go ahead and try that at your job.  You’ll get to HR before first base.  And this is why scripted TV is better than real life.

Preview of tonight’s episode — featuring Lisa Edelstein in a bra! — after the gratuitous pictures of Lisa Edestein.

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