‘House Of Cards’ Theme Song + ‘Full House’ Opening Credits = ‘Full House Of Cards’

So someone somewhere took the theme song from House of Cards and laid it over the opening credits for Full House to create a mash-up called Full House of Cards. It’s … okay, I guess. The best part is definitely around the 0:25 mark, when the shots of young DJ Tanner talking on the phone and placing a picture of herself on the family’s mantle combine with the rising strings in the song to make her look like some kind of devious egomaniac. Who’s she talking to? IS IT TUSK?! And whose picture did she clear off the mantle to make room for her own? WHAT IS HER END GAME? IS SHE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE FAMILY?

The rest of it, however? Eh. I get the feeling you could set any piece of video to the House of Cards theme and it would end up looking twelve kinds of sinister (it’s kind of like the score from Requiem for a Dream in that way), so the degree of difficulty wasn’t too high here. I don’t know. Maybe if they had CGI’d someone tossing Kimmy Gibbler in front of the trolley near the end of the credits. I think that would have helped.

Source: The Daily Dot