‘House Of Cards’ Is Back With A Teaser Video And A Season Three Release Date

Breaking!!!! Earlier this morning, the House of Cards official Twitter account released the following teaser video. SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t finished season two, and if you haven’t — really, what are you even waiting for? Get on that ASAP.

The short teaser video shows Frank Underwood, who as you probably know was sworn in as president at the end of last season, ostensibly ascending the stairs of Air Force One along with Claire — but that’s still more than enough tease to get excited about. Frank spent the first two seasons manipulating and clawing his way to the presidency, so what happens now? World domination? Or is this season going to be about him fending off the Doug Stamper scandal (assuming there will be a scandal) — who may or may not be dead right now? February 27th, people. We’ve got less than three months now to find out.