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I’ve spent entirely too much time writing about late-night shows recently, especially “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.”  But I have to satisfy my comedic nerdiness by pointing out that Conan’s guests last night were Norm MacDonald and Jim Gaffigan (video clips below).  For any non-believers: Conan wrote the monorail episode of “The Simpsons,” Norm intentionally bombed at the Bob Saget roast, and Gaffigan once did three and a half minutes of jokes about bacon.  Amazing.  That’s a mere Patton Oswalt away from having a Mount Rushmore of underrated comedy geek heroes.

Of course, every one of these guys is the kind of comic that doesn’t appeal to Leno-loving old people, and Conan’s musical guest was indie darling Neko Case, so I won’t be surprised when the news comes that Letterman — who had Denzel Washington and the freakin’ Jonas Brothers last night — won in Thursday’s ratings.  But I don’t care.  Most people don’t have taste.  Last night’s “Tonight Show” kicked ass.  Period.

UNSURPRISING UPDATE: Letterman 3.5, Conan 3.0. You’re so predictable, America.

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