‘How Do Your Wife And Kids Handle You?’: Marc Maron And Michael Ian Black Got Into A Fight On Twitter

Whenever two comedians get into a fight on Twitter, my “FAKE FAKE PUBLICITY STUNT FAKE FAKE” alarm goes off, especially when said comedians recently released books, as Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black did. Then again, Maron and Ian Black aren’t big fans of one another — check out their recent chat on Gothamist as proof. But even if their online squabblings — which began a short time ago when Maron tweteed, “I guess if everything is garbage principles are stupid” and Ian Black responded, “So you watched your show, huh?” — isn’t real, it’s still pretty amusing.

Not recommended for people with daddy “hates himself as much as he loves suits” issues. Might be too real.

The winner: Louis C.K.

(Via Storify)