The Creators Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Are Prepping A Brand New Comedy For CBS

Getty Image / Frazer Harrison

The creators of How I Met Your Mother could have a new CBS sitcom hitting your idiot box in the not too distant future. (Presumably they’re a bit more flexible about their potential series finale this go-around.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will be teaming with comic Chris Distefano for a family sitcom at the Tiffany Network. The multicamera/hybrid comedy will see the team of Bays & Thomas write the script and serve as executive producers, while Distefano will also nab an executive producer role as well as co-write the story.

The would-be series (which already has a “hefty pilot-production commitment” at CBS) doesn’t have a title at the moment, but the premise sounds relatively familiar. The comedy will focus on two 20-somethings with with two “loud families” (one Puerto Rican, one Italian) and a baby daughter. Distefano’s life serves as the inspiration for the program.

Before you stock up on all your “Untitled Chris Distefano Family Sitcom” merchandise, the project isn’t necessarily a sure thing to hit the air. Previous Bays & Carter offerings like their HIMYM spin-off and My Time/Your Time failed to hit the schedule for CBS. Still, this particular show seems like it matches up comfortably with CBS’ comedy slate, so there’s more than a fighting chance it’ll make the leap from pilot to program.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)