Why Slapsgiving From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Beats Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be a joyous occasion. After all, it includes the words “thanks” and “giving,” both of which connote positive, happy and fluffy things. Yet occasional monkey wrenches like canned cranberry sauce, suspicious in-laws and mildly racist extended family members keep mucking up the American holiday tradition. So instead of commemorating European refugees’ illegal immigration to the North American continent hundreds of years ago, let’s drop all pretenses and celebrate a different holiday. One given to us by the creators of How I Met Your Mother.

What Is Slapsgiving?

One of the How I Met Your Mother‘s best gags was the slap bet, which inspired more than five fingers’ worth of memorable moments. The slap bet’s most momentous contribution to our society, however, is the invention of Slapsgiving, a Thanksgiving alternative that shuns the holiday’s worst attributes, while keeping the good ones and adding new goodies to the mix. Like slapping other people.

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