‘How I Met Your Mother’s Comic-Con Panel Began With A Video Of Future Ted’s Kids Cursing At Ted

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Future Ted has been telling his kids, Not-Luke and Not-Leia, the story of how he met their mother for eight years, and he’s still not finished. They’re bored, upset, and really need to pee, feelings that How I Met Your Mother fans relate with all too well when Ted’s rambling on about architecture. In a video to introduce How I Met‘s Comic-Con panel, with stars Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel, as well as creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and director Pamela Fryman, the kids spoke up.

The moderator introduces a special video, in which the current versions of the actors playing Future Ted’s kids yell (and curse) at him for how long it’s taken him to tell the story. “I missed college! I know all the lyrics to Let’s Go to the Mall, but I don’t know who the f*cking president is!” complains Future Ted’s daughter. “The only girl I’ve seen in the past 8 years is my sister — and it’s starting to make me think stuff,” complains Future Ted’s son, who produces the bucket they go to the bathroom in. They are not happy he’s told them about all “the sluts you’ve banged.” Saget asks if they really want him to wrap it up. Fonseca: “F*ckin’ A!” (Via)

We’ll add video as soon as it becomes available (of Cobie Smulder’s performance of “Let’s Go to Mall,” too), but this begs the question: do you think the actors who play the kids have ever used the show as a pickup line? “I don’t know how my dad met my mother, but I’d love for you to meet my bed?” *tens minute later* “I’ll totally explain why I own so much Nazi and Howard the Duck memorabilia…but we’ll get to that.”

UPDATE: watch the video here.

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