How Long Did It Take Until The First Sex Scene On 12 Notable HBO Shows?

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The most shocking thing about Woody Harrelson and Alexandra Daddario’s sex scene on True Detective: it took until the second episode to happen. Not only between those characters, but any of the show’s characters — HBO series often go out of their way to quickly give viewers as much nudity as they could want, and then some. With that in mind, I went back and watched early episodes of 12 notable HBO shows, both dramas and comedies, to see how long it took until the first sex scene (unlike the Game of Thrones/Girls post, nudity isn’t required; as long as two characters were about to get their big love on, that’s the moment I hit the stopwatch, so to speak.)

Boardwalk Empire — 46:03

Eastbound and Down — 81:20

Entourage — 69:16

Game of Thrones — 51:25

Girls — 15:25

Hung — 22:44

Sex and the City — 2:08

Six Feet Under — 6:43

The Sopranos — 156:59

Tell Me You Love Me — 13:05

True Blood — 0:20 (a handjob, but it counts, says 15-year-old Josh)

Or if you think that shouldn’t be included, 12:23

True Detective — 77:12