One Of The Biggest Moments In ‘The Walking Dead’ History Prompted A Variety Of Reactions

10.28.18 7 months ago 6 Comments


Spoilers for The Walking Dead will be found below.

As we stated here, in alerting The Walking Dead fans to the callback that plays into Rick Grimes’ injury and probable death, Rick is not actually dead yet. But he soon will be, and the means by which he dies arrives at the end of this week’s episode, “The Obliged.”

Rick is not assassinated by the Saviors, after all, although the injury he suffers at the end of this week’s episode is a direct result of the Saviors’ actions. He does, however, suffer a possible life-ending injury — rebar through the stomach — when he’s thrown off his horse after being caught between two zombie hordes (just like in the pilot episode).

Having watched the episode a few days ago, I was honestly curious how fans would react to the injury. Obviously, Andrew Lincoln still has one more episode, so he will get a proper (and probably heartbreaking) send off next week, but I didn’t know if viewers would find Rick’s death fitting, considering the callback. Or if viewers would find it heroic, because Rick is injured trying to save both the Bridge and the camp he created for members of all the communities. Or if viewers would think, “Huh? That’s it? That’s how Rick dies? How anticlimactic.” (There will obviously be more to it in next week’s episode).

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