Howard Stern Tried His Best To Rekindle The Rivalry Between Jimmy Kimmel And Jay Leno

Howard Stern stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to cap off the host’s week in Brooklyn, and it almost seemed like he was bundled up inside for the longest time before his appearance. He was a mad, wild force of nature that didn’t really hesitate to say he’d be interested in having sex with Jimmy’s mom right on the desk, introducing his Wack Pack to the audience.

The main point to take away was the little jabs at Jay Leno, mainly in reference to some of his comments on Jimmy Kimmel in the past few months. You might remember how Jimmy Kimmel took Jay Leno to task on Leno’s own show back during his fiasco with Conan, something Leno certainly does given these recent statements in August:

“The most element you can have in doing a late night show is kindness. Because the show makes you arrogant. I think that’s Jimmy Kimmel’s problem,” Leno said of the host, who he’s had some beef with in the past. “I think he’s a talented guy. I think he’s funny. But he has a mean streak, and it comes across. He does this thing where he takes Halloween candy from kids and the kids cry. What am I missing here? It is funny I guess, but it’s mean-based. I think that’s why he’s not higher in the ratings.”

Sounds like typical Leno. And the interview was typical Stern, noting how he missed the Late Night wars and trying to goad Kimmel into another tiff with Jay Leno and asking his true opinion of Jimmy Fallon. It doesn’t happen, but it was worth a shot.

Stern also went into some details about his wardrobe and look on America’s Got Talent, noting that he spent $100,000 on his wardrobe and had his hair pressed in order to look good for the network cameras. Sadly, this didn’t work in Stern’s opinion and he’s glad his time on the show is over.

This was also around the time when Stern got a chance to introduce some of his fans to the audience, including special guest Sen. Chuck Schumer. He’s no Elephant Boy or High Pitch, but he’ll do.

And last, but certainly not least, Howard turns his attention to Jimmy’s family and his desire to have sex with his mother. The part that really sells it is how Kimmel’s mother is sitting up in the audience, covering her face in embarrassment. It’s priceless.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)