Howard Stern's Interview With Anderson Cooper Is A Must-Listen For All Fans Of The Silver Fox

04.01.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

For someone who’s sort of ubiquitous on television, Anderson Cooper is a bit of a mystery in that he doesn’t seem to do many in-depth interviews. I certainly don’t remember a magazine profile of any considerable note being done on him. So when I learned yesterday that he’d be a guest for an hour on the Howard Stern Show — where he’d be interviewed by arguably the best interviewer going these days — I was excited. And I didn’t come away disappointed after getting the chance to listen to the interview last night. In the interview, Cooper talks about, among other things…

– The current state of CNN and cable news in general, and why he’d never work at Fox News (it’s not why you’d think).

– How is mother has made it clear that he will not be inheriting her fortune when she dies.

– Alec Baldwin’s repeated use of gay slurs and how he honestly has no beef with Baldwin.

– Getting strung along by ABC for six months for an entry level job after he graduated from Yale.

– How he made a fake press pass, borrowed a video camera and snuck into dangerous countries, filing freelance reports for news outlets, a move that led to him being hired by CNN.

– How he hated Truman Capote, a friend of his mother’s, and thought he was “gross.”

– Coming out of the closet to his mom and his friends when he was in high school, and why he kept it a secret in his public life until recently.

– His brother’s very public suicide.

– Andy Cohen convincing him to do the interview with Stern.


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