Hugh Jackman Destroys Jimmy Fallon On All Levels In This Cooler Scooter Race

I didn’t know cooler scooters were a thing until now and I want one. I have Hugh Jackman to thank for that. He made riding one while drinking some crappy beer look amazing, plus he totally defeated Jimmy Fallon in the process.

I wouldn’t be shocked to know that this was all part of his normal daily routine for some reason because he seemed to have a great time. I don’t think there is a better moment than Hugh Jackman high fiving two faux-bros while wearing a beer helmet and riding a cooler scooter. That made my night.

And yes, this is yet another Tonight Show contest/game segment. But as was pointed out in the comments, it works for Jimmy Fallon and it has worked since he took over Late Night. Just keep ’em coming.

(Via The Tonight Show)