Hugh Jackman Credits Jerry Seinfeld For His Decision To Leave Wolverine Behind In ‘Logan’

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02.25.17 3 Comments

Hugh Jackman will be ending his tenure with the X-Men films with Logan — a great choice if you believe the reviews the film has been getting. He’s not alone given Patrick Stewart’s announcement that he’s finished too, but Jackman is the only one who can say they got the idea from a comedy legend.

While it’d be easy to say that Jackman just took inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld’s decision to end his classic show in season nine, it turns out that Seinfeld talked to him on the phone. While discussing his decision to leave the role behind with Jimmy Fallon, Jackman discusses a phone call he had with Seinfeld about going out with some creativity left in the tank. This inspired Jackman to make his choice and he went from there to make a record on his he would like to say goodbye to the character.

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