Hulu Ain’t Saving ‘Community.’ Probably. Who Even Really Knows Anymore?

06.24.14 18 Comments
Community - Season 5

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TV Line is reporting that Hulu, supposedly the only viable suitor, has pulled out of talks to rescue Community for a sixth season and oh my God I feel like I’ve written this post or one exactly like it 500000000000 times over the past five or so years. This show and The Killing. Dead, alive, maybe, dead, dead, alive, but maybe. The only difference is that Community is pretty good and I’d actually kind of like to see it stick around, provided they can bring back the Season 5 creative team and what’s left of the cast. Which probably won’t happen. Maybe. Unless it does.

The long and short of it all is this: The deals for all the actors expire June 30, and Sony would really like to squeeze one last season out of the show, so expect about a week of “Will they or won’t they?” theater from Sony and every potential suitor bigger than a church youth group that’s willing to show the final season on a projector in its narthex. By July 1 we should know if we’re looking at #SixSeasonsAndAMovie or #FiveSeasonsAndSoManyRumors. Unless Netflix resurrects the show in 2017. Which could happen. Or maybe it won’t. Who knows?

I’ll probably be writing posts about the status of this show when I’m 50.

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