Hulu Has Pulled ’19 Kids And Counting’

In the wake of the 19 Kids and Counting molestation scandal, TLC has amazingly still not cancelled the series, despite the fact that advertisers are now dropping like flies. The court of public opinion is strong, however, with many expressing outrage and circulating petitions, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Hulu has made the decision to pull the series from its streaming service. According to The Wrap, the episodes still appeared when searched for as of Wednesday, but users were met with a 404 error when they actually tried to watch them. Likewise, Hulu’s 19 Kids and Counting landing page also displays a 404 error message.

At this point, TLC really should do the sensible thing and cancel the series outright. The people have spoken, and they are done with the Duggars. Even if the series was to continue in a capacity without Josh Duggar, this is still the family who raised their children in a cult-like, anti-hugging, anti-masturbation environment which likely only helped perpetuate their son’s behavior, and moreover, covered it up afterwards. Enough is enough.

(Via Time and The Wrap)