Ron Swanson Humblebrags About His Dong To Promote Humblebrag Book

I’m not sure what the origins of the term “humblebrag” is; I always thought that Dan Harmon and the Community writers coined it, but I think it’s been around for even longer than that. For the uninitiated, a humblebrag is when you show off about something while simultaneously couching it in terms of self deprecation. It’s very popular on Twitter, especially among celebrities. It’s so popular, in fact, that Harris Wittels — a staff writer on Parks and Recreation and formerly The Sarah Silverman Program — started a Twitter feed that collected celebrity humblebrags, and writes about humblebrags extensively for Grantland.

Now, he has a book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty, which is due out in stores (and Amazon) today. Ahead of its release, he got Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, and Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation to promote the book in a Funny or Die video by demonstrating what a humblebrag is in order to not promote the book. You’re going to want to watch the video — where Swanson brags about his huge dong (“it’s such a drag having such a huge hog”), and Chris Pratt compares himself favorably to a piece of sh*t — to understand what I’m talking about.