Hunch Hunch! What What!

I’d like to apologize: there are real TV news stories for me to cover, but right now I’m obsessed with the annoying but addictive “pirate virus” song from last week’s episode of “Archer” (S2E6, “Tragical History”). This tune has been stuck in my head for eight days now, and I’m hoping that I can shake it by overexposing myself to it and sharing it with other people. (In case you didn’t see the episode, I’ve provided a handy 57-minute version of the song above. It’s my goal to get through all 57 minutes by the end of the day; at present, I’m 1:42 into it and nearing the brink of madness.)

I’ve also downloaded the ringtone, and I’m tempted to put my phone number online just so people can call me all day. Hunch hunch! What what! Buh boh!