Al Pacino Is Out There Killing Nazis In Jordan Peele’s ‘Hunters’ Trailer

Al Pacino is getting his best reviews in years for his performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, which sounds more impressive than it is. Have you looked at his filmography lately? I have never heard of Hangman, The Pirates of Somalia, or Misconduct, but I’m sure they’re all… movies. But he’s still Al Freaking Pacino, and if you put him in the right project, or make him rap about Dunkaccinos, he’s going to deliver. He delivered in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He delivered in The Irishman. And he’ll hopefully deliver in Hunters, Jordan Peele’s Amazon Video series about Nazi hunters.

Previously titled The Hunt, the Peele-produced Hunters “follows a diverse band of Nazi Hunters living in 1977 New York City. The Hunters, as they’re known, have discovered that hundreds of high ranking Nazi officials are living among us and conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. The eclectic team of Hunters will set out on a bloody quest to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their new genocidal plans,” according to Deadline. Pacino is joined by Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby!), Kate Mulvany, Carol Kane, Saul Rubinek, Dylan Baker, and Lena Olin, among others, although he’s the only one who gets to draw a red X over a Nazi’s face. It’s every actor’s dream!

Hunters premieres in 2020.