Hurl Alert: Florida Congressman Picks His Ear and Eats It Live on CSPAN

Move over, Seth Green stealthily picking his nose on Conan, because last week during a House Judiciary Committee meeting, democratic congressman Joe Garcia of Florida picked his eat and ate it, before his fellow congress people, Jesus and everyone watching C-SPAN2, which broadcast it live.

Representative Garcia could actually learn a thing or two from Seth Green, who at least tried to be sneaky about it — whereas Garcia reaps his ear fruits with all of the casualness of a man picking over a box of chocolates, even pausing to give it a quick look over before popping it in his mouth.

Just in case the video didn’t do it for you, here it is in gif form so you can squick out on a loop:

Florida, by golly, you’ve done it again.

(Via Gawker Via Hypervocal)