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Well, this is lame, but people seem to be talking about it: MTV gave its iconic logo its first-ever redesign, dropping the words “Music Television” from the bottom. “About time, right? It stopped having music years ago!” Haha, good one, Jay.

The new look, revealed on-air yesterday, features the original 3-D large “M” with the small, graffiti-style “tv” on the right side. But the new design is expanded, so that photos of MTV talent, including the cast of “Jersey Shore,” “The Buried Life” and “My Life as Liz,” can be seen through it.

And, for the first time in almost 30 years, the logo drops the “music television” tag line altogether.

“We were really thinking about it in terms of having the brand and our talent living in the same space together,” Tina Exarhos, executive vice president of marketing and multiplatform creative projects, [said]. “If you watch the channel, you’ve seen that it’s definitely going in a new direction,” said Exarhos. [NYDN]

Oh yes, I’ve seen the direction the MTV’s been going:

It’s a whole new generation of drunken Guido-punching! New heights: achieved. Sorry, people: reality killed the video star.

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