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11.03.09 9 Comments

    What me, emote?

Jim Belushi tragically survived a plane crash recently to get involved in one of the least believable pitches I’ve ever heard:

Jim Belushi has teamed with Diane English and Barry Levinson for a prospective TV drama that would cast Belushi as a defense attorney character based on the lawyer and TV commentator Mickey Sherman.

ICM is in the process of packaging the series and hasn’t brought it yet to studios and networks, but it would mark a switch for Belushi to drama after his long run in the ABC sitcom “According to Jim.” […]

Sherman penned the memoir “How Can You Defend Those People?,” and the idea is for Belushi to play a likable lawyer who defends the guilty and the innocent with equal vigor. [Variety]

I just need to see hidden video footage of the pitch meeting for this.  “Settle in, gents.  I have a humdinger for you.  Picture . . . Jim Belushi . . . as a likable defense attorney. Ta da!”  And then the pitch maker was hired to the board of directors at Fox, which is what we do with these people.

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