I Think He Handled That Well

The last time we checked in with Kurt Sutter, the notoriously quick-tempered “Sons of Anarchy” showrunner had turned over a new leaf, promising to avoid talking about award snubs and to stop calling people the C-word in vitriolic rants. Here’s a sample of what he wrote three weeks ago:

So, I’ve decided for the good of the village, it’s best if I drop out of all award conversation.  Past, present and future.  And all critic/review conversation as well. […]
I guess the point of this entry… is to say that I now understand the shortcomings of my bombastic rants.  Although outrageous and entertaining to some, they really serve no greater good.  I’ll never effect change with the word “c*nt”.

Then the Emmy nominations came out yesterday, and there was no recognition for “Sons of Anarchy” or Sutter’s wife, Katey Sagal, who often appears in awards discussion (and was ignored by the Emmys last year despite a heartwrenchingly excellent performance in Season 2 of “SOA”).
Now, showrunners react to snubs in different ways. David Simon (“Treme,” ‘The Wire”) seems unaware of their existence. “Community” creator Dan Harmon wrote a heartwarming story about meeting Midnight Run writer George Gallo. Sutter turned to Twitter, where he shared a series of candid thoughts, jokes about the Academy, and spicy language. What follows is a selection of his tweets — in order — after the Emmy nominations came out. Warning: if you’re offended by foul language, don’t click through.

If David Simon’s coming along, I’d expect someone to buy a nail gun as well.
Not true. I like ALL of Kurt’s foul language.
Sutter followed this with a tweet correcting the spelling of “ammonia.” I respect that.
Awww, way to salt his game, Academy. This rant is totally justified.
I have to say, I admire Sutter’s anger and candor. I mean, sure, he might be dangerously imbalanced, but I prefer my creative types to be pissed off. They do better work that way.
/clicks “refresh” on Sutter’s blog 100 times
Isn’t that how Mormons do it?
Much preferable to anything we might hear from Billy Bush.
Great response from “Lost” showrunner Damon Lindelof.
Vegan pudding? So that’s how he stays angry all the time.
Whoa, hey. Can’t we do both? I’m just a media whore whose business is good fun.