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In national news, protesters in Maine organized a topless walk through downtown Portland in order to protest the alleged double standard between the sexes when it comes to baring one’s chest. “HELLZ YEAH,” reported The Daily Penis. But the reaction was mixed — even from the event’s participants:

The event’s organizer, Ty MacDowell, says she set up the event (with a police escort) because she could: Maine’s nudity laws only apply to exposed genitals. She says she was surprised by the number of men who showed up with cameras. “I’m really upset by the men… all the men that are here, just like watching it like it’s a parade.”

“We should be able to walk down the street and not have this many men taking pictures of us,” a participant shouted. [Fox]

Guhhhh. This is the aggressive-yet-sucky female nudity that happens when you send your daughter to Brown or Sarah Lawrence instead of Ole Miss.”We just wanted to buck society’s norms by having a titty parade on Main Street; people shouldn’t be taking pictures like it’s some kind of titty parade!” Then put a shirt on, honey, ‘cuz no one’s lining up to snap a picture of your face.

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