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The company responsible for remaking British shows “The Office” and “Ugly Betty” for U.S. audiences has acquired the rights to develop “The Nightshift,” an Icelandic workplace comedy.  The show lasts 23 hours in the winter.

The TV show follows three eccentric gas-station employees working the graveyard shift who try to stay motivated between run-ins with wacky customers.

“Nightshift,” which uses the parade of gas station customers to touch on social issues, is considered the most successful local comedy series in Iceland’s television history. (Note: Population of Iceland = 304,367). [The Live Feed]

Sounds like a pretty good premise, actually.  I especially enjoyed it when it was called Clerks.

After the jump, I’ve got Kristen Wiig as Bjork on “Saturday Night Live,” which is what I think of every time I see the words “Iceland” and “comedy” together.

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