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Global TV’s “Noon News Hour” in Canada recently featured dogs that needed adopting from the SPCA in Surrey (a Vancouver suburb).  And just as you would expect from the combination of live animals and live television, everything went perfectly fine.  That’s why I’m doing a blog post about it: I enjoy videos of dogs sitting quietly.

I’m being facetious, of course.  In the video below, pandemonium reigns for a full three minutes as a pit bull mix named Ginger lovingly mauls anchor Randene Neill and the SPCA worker on camera tries in vain to make a shepherd mix behave while everyone else in the studio laughs at them.  It is live TV at its most delightfully chaotic.

More on Ginger after the video. 

Sad news, everyone: Ginger hasn’t been adopted yet.  She must have appeared to be too clingy.  Like a lot of bitches.

UPDATE: So the original video was pulled, but here’s a shorter clip from Global BC’s YouTube channel:

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